Dear Community, great meeting you. need your help on the welcome page if you experience this before.

  • 10 June 2021
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Dear All,


i am co-founder DOMI,  DOMI is a social enterprise that is tackling Energy Poverty for underprivileged household in ASIA, this is what we do.


it’s an honor to be in this community. this is our first time using typeform.

really love the UX.


I discover a problem when i open the form , at the welcome page


when i scroll down with finger on iphone or browser when i try to read the welcome page, 

half way or getting to the bottom of the welcome page. it flip to the next page without me finish reading. i tested it on the follow software.

  1. Inside LINE has - during or after loading - problem
  2. Inside mobile safari - during or after loading - no problem
  3. Inside mobile chrome - no problem, but when not finish loading, has the same problem
  4. inside Chrome desktop(mac) - problem
  5. inside Safari(mac) - no problem


is there a way i can set it up so people need to click on the button on the first page before loading the second.


thank you.


and it will be an honor to have any idea or recommendation to make our typeform better, so we can support more families.





3 replies

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Hi @Corey.Lien welcome to the community! Sounds like you’re doing some really great work over there. :heart_eyes:

Would you mind sending a video of the issue you’re experiencing? This will help me better understand the issue. Most likely, the form is automatically scrolling through questions as expected, but I’ll have a better idea of this once I see what you’re seeing. 

Thanks in advance! 

Thank you Liz


here is a demo from mobile phone


the intended goal to let people read the information before going to next page.


but two scenario happen

  1. in some browser, after it loads, when scoll down, it just go to the next page. but not is the design for page one(welcome page)
  2. when it didn’t finish loading the info, it when scoll down, even just a little bit. it changes page both desktop and phone




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Hi @Corey.Lien Ah, got it - thank you! The behavior you’re seeing is expected - the form will automatically scroll to the next question. What I would suggest is reducing the amount of text on the welcome screen, which will not only help ensure that your respondents read all of the text but also prevents it from automatically scrolling before the text has been read. 

I’d also suggest sharing your feedback below as well!