How can I test my quiz?

  • 17 February 2021
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How can I test my quizz… iwhen I press view, it redirects me to a page where I should login, and when Im inlogged and hit the view, same thing happens.. I want to see how it works, if I want to go ahead an subscribe.


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3 replies

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Hi @Minna thanks for joining the community! When you’re in the Typeform builder, you can use the preview option like below to try your form: 



You can also copy/paste the URL shown below, but the form will need to be published in order to view it on the URL. 


Let me know if you run into any troubles finding these options!

Thank you! It worked!

One more question - where will I find the e-mail adresses being submitted via the quizz?

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Hi @Minna ! You can find them in the “Results” panel of the form builder. 

One thing to note - make sure you mark the email question as required if you want to be certain you receive emails from all your respondents! It’s not automatically set to required via default. 

Let me know if you have troubles finding the results or setting up the question to be required. :smiley: