How do I create a quiz that gives a breakdown of one's strengths and weaknesses? So lost...

  • 14 September 2022
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Hello, I am trying to convert this self-assessment quiz into a quiz that will help students understand their strengths and weaknesses in different areas of executive function (EF). 


As you will see in the link I shared, each question is linked to a different area of EF, so I am hoping that the Typeform could add up their scores for all the questions in EACH area and then give a breakdown of where the student rates themselves in the different areas of EF which are: 


Response Inhibition
Working Memory 
Emotional Control 
Sustained Attention
Task Initiation
Planning and Prioritization
Time Management
Goal-directed Persistence
Study Skills


I get SO confused when I try to build this. Any guidance is appreciated! 


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@executivefunksean - Sean: a couple of simple things to try

  • if you want to group all the questions related to a topic together, you can do this in question groups 
    • create a list of variables - one for each category you want to ‘score’ - and assign a default value of 0 to them all
    • create the first group and then put in the questions you want to ask about that topic
    • in the logic rules for each, you can assign a point value to a ‘subcategory’ variable - you created them in the bullet above
      • ie if qX = A then add 1 to v_planning
      • if qX is B then add 2 to v_planning
      • etc.
    • you will end up with subtotals for each variable and you can add them all together to get a total score as well
  • if you don’t want to use question groups, just do the same thing with the variables and logic. 


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Hi @executivefunksean How did the suggestion above go? Let us know if you need any further help!

As a new user, it’s hard to follow these instructions. I’m looking for a breakdown that is a little more “type form for dummies.”