How to create match quiz by typeform.

  • 23 November 2022
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I want to build a matching quiz that I can then integrate with the application I built using Glide. However, this is my first time using Typeform, and I am not sure how I can build a matching quiz with it. I appreciate any help.

7 replies

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Hi @kavehekbia I’m not quite sure I understand what you mean by a matching quiz. Could you share more about how you’d like to set up the form? 

Hi @Liz, thank you for your reply. Below is a sample of what I mean:


I read online what platform allows me to create such a game that also can integrate with other platforms online. Typeform was one of the platforms they mentioned. I hope this helps.

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Hi @kavehekbia you can definitely create a quiz with Typeform, we have some examples of how to set one up over here.

I’m not sure that it would look exactly like the image you shared but I think you could achieve something similar 😊Let us know if you have more questions!

Dear @Grace thank you so much for providing a link. I will start working with it.

I might come up with some questions, since this is my first time working with it. Again thank you so much :)

Just one question: For the “Type”, it has already selected “Matrix”. Is that the type that I need to use to create a matching quiz?

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Hi @kavehekbia Do you mind sharing a screenshot of the type that’s already selected? That’ll help us answer the question better!

Hi @Liz Thank you for the response. Below is the screen shot of what I have done by now:


I selected “Ranking” as type. The users will be able to change the order of the blue boxes, based on the answer. However, I am not sure if there is a better to go or not. I would appreciate any help/comment.




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Hi @kavehekbia Ah got it, I see! I think this works, but the matrix actually might be better. The only downside with the matrix question is that there isn’t a way to prevent the respondent from selecting the same matrix answer twice. 

Now that I type this out, I actually think the ranking works better. 😂 Though, it might help if you label the options in English according to the letter options in the answers like this: 

That way, it’s clear the order of the options you have listed in the description.