I need my Assessment Form to drill down in several areas, but it looks impossible

  • 23 March 2023
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I’m creating a questionnaire for people wanting software training.  One question asks them to choose each feature of the software that they are currently using.  I want to then create a second set of questions for each thing they select in this one question.

ie: If they pick 5 features they use, I want them to get one new question for each of the 5 things they chose so I can get more information on how they are using that feature. 


I thought about adding a Score to each line and then using Logic to say if the score was 30 then show them this question next.  Would that work? 

3 replies

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Hi @BkkprGal have you tried the logic jump solution here? It would be a bit of work to setup, but that should solve what you’re looking to do. 

That is very helpful!  Thank you very much. 

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Not a problem, @BkkprGal ! Let us know if you run into any trouble setting that up.