Is it possible to block the return to a question already answered?

  • 16 November 2021
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I did a quiz with multiple choice questions and after each question there is a statement with the correct answer. Therefore, I don't want it to be possible for the user to return to the previous question, so the user can answer again, this time, knowing the correct answer.


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6 replies

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Hi @Erika Grilanda Thanks for stopping by, and great question. It isn’t possible to prevent the respondent from moving backwards in the form at this time. I’ll share this feedback with our product team, and if you have any other questions/suggestions, please let us know. 

Hi @Liz is there any chance to allow form creators to disable touchpad/mouse/shift+tab scroll for a specific form any time soon, or is this feature deep down in the product team’s backlog?

I have some questionnaires I’d love to put into Typeform, but I can’t do it until this feature is available because scrolling back to the already-answered questions skews the results :( 

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Hi @MatGoralczyk No, I’m afraid we don’t have this feature in development, partially because this current functionality helps with accessibility settings. 

All that said, I can share this feedback with the product team. 

Hello ! :) 


It’s possible to prevent rollback ?


Thx u !

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Hi @Adelen I’ve moved your post here where we have an existing conversation about this. 😀

+1 for this feature! We have an educational quiz where the answers are shared after every question for people to learn, but it would be great to also gather the current knowledge level of the participants in our data, so preventing rollback is essential then