Is there a way to suppress that calendar picker on date questions on mobile devices?

  • 8 June 2021
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Is there a way to suppress that calendar picker on mobile devices?

We’ve seen the sharpest drop off on our most recent form at the Date of Birth question, with inbound feedback that it was too hard to use.

Digging in to what was occurring here, I realized that the mobile view opens a calendar when you select the date field. The calendar (at least on iOS) defaults to today’s date. These users were trying to get to their birthday by using the arrows to change months. If that meant going back to, say, June of 1941, that would be 960 clicks. They miss that in the top left, you can select Month and Year which expose an easier scrolling solution.

Be that as it may, they are confused and I’d like to alleviate that. Suppressing this date picker and allowing them to enter their dates manually (as you would on desktop) would be a possibility, though I am open to other solutions as well.

My idea was to add some custom HTML to change the type from type=”date” to type=”text”, but it is not clear that this is a possibility. Has anyone else encountered this issue and found a solution?


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Hi @ctheath Welcome to the community! :grinning: I’m afraid it’s not possible to hide certain questions, like the date field, on mobile view or use custom code to change the appearance or remove it, either. Though, I would suggest sharing your idea on the post below for some extra visibility! 



If there’s anything else I can answer, please let me know. :grin:

That's exactly my problem ...I need to scroll down 30 years...bummer 😞


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Thanks for sharing your feedback, @Taniaeh !