Is there anyway to limit the amount of people selecting a particular answer choice?

I am trying to gather interest for sponsorship for an event. We have different levels and categories. We need one sponsor for each sponsorship request, so we need to limit how many people can select a particular level. For example, looking for sponsors for the below - only one person per item.


Item 1 - Trip to Boston 

Item 2 - Car 

Item 3 - Designer Shoes 


We need one sponsor for each, once a participant goes in and says they will sponsor that item, we want the answer choice to either disappear or become unselectable. Any tips on how to accomplish this? 


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 Hi @camyeva Happy Monday! Thanks for dropping by our corner of the internet. :grin: We don’t have this functionality yet, but I can share this with our product team! I’m racking my brain for a workaround, but I can’t think of one that wouldn’t be too difficult. @picsoung may possibly have an idea!

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@picsoung you don’t happen to have any workarounds by chance?