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  • 17 February 2021
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We are using Typeform to collect data and send the responses to Salesforce via Zapier.

Some data types in Salesforce, like URL, can only take 255 characters. In Typeform, however, these fields are limitless. That causes errors from time to time and it is quite time-intensive to replay the import manually. Usually, I would exclude these fields temporarily and add the missing information by hand in Salesforce.

Are there any other users using Salesforce and the Zapier integration. I am not referring to the Typeform built-in integration but a separate integration on Zapier.

How do you cope with these errors?

Best wishes from Berlin, Germany


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4 replies

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Hi @ReDI School - thanks for posting! Are you receiving the field limit errors when adding through Zapier, too? 

Tagging @Francois (Typeform) here for some Salesforce use-case visibility. :) 

Hi @Liz,

Thanks for your quick response!

We only get this error when the response is sent to Zapier because that’s when Zapier tries to send it to Salesforce and Salesforce says “entry too long”. So, the Zap is set up but the error occurs only if someone enters a URL that is longer than 255 characters.

Is this clearer now?


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Hi @ReDI School Oh, I see - that’s interesting. So ideally in this case, you would need for Typeform to recognize these limits in the integration and set limits based on the character limits in Salesforce. While we don’t have this feature in our integration, I’ve tagged Francois and I’ll share it internally, too. Are there any particular fields, besides the URL, that have this limitation? 

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One alternative could be to use a text field question instead of website question. Because text field has a way to limit the maximum number of characters. Unfortunately using text field would not come with the benefits of website, like checking that its correctly formatted.


Another option could be to add a step in your Zapier workflow to trim all fields to be a maximum 255 characters long.​

The Formatter step with Truncate action should be able to do this.

Finally, ​​​if you have a way to put a higher limit on Salesforce side that could also be helpful, because URLs could be long.