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I’m curious whether there is a limit on the number of components and especially on the number of endings I can have in a single typeform?


I’m thinking of a special use case, were I would need several hundred, maybe even up to a thousand, slightly different endings.


Would that still work?



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Hi @daniel Holy! A thousand endings! What kind of form are you building? 😲

We don’t exactly have a limit on the number of endings/questions/logics/etc since it depends on what other components you have in your form, but I have seen forms that have a lot of endings (as well as logic jumps and other elements) tend to have issues loading or editing in the builder. 

If possible, I would suggest splitting up the forms and connecting them or reducing the number of possible endings. 

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@daniel - what’s the use case? 

I have a real estate client who wanted to be able have an ending that would show the listing details for one of approx 850 houses for sale at any one time .. based on the questions the user answered in the typeform. 

that would have meant one of two approaches inside typeform:

  • create a static ending page for each property when it was added to the system and then update the logic to route the user to that specific ending - lots of implications on managing logic rules
  • create one ending ‘template” but pass in all the details on a property based on storing the details on each property in the data set in a logic rule set - requires a smaller set of updates to the logic rules (ie add the set of logic rules for each attribute of the listing that would go into the template - in this case 10 data points/attributes - which is easier to add and delete than the rules in the ending page for each) 

what we ended up doing:

  • answer all the questions and integrate to a Google Sheet
  • in google sheets we had done the following:
    • create a merge template in Google Slides
    • add all the data elements, including the ‘cover pic’ for the listing, into the google sheet each time a new listing was made 
    • use the google sheets formulas and functions to do the ‘filtering’ on the ideal property match 
    • use Document Studio (an add-on for Sheets) to merge the typeform and calculated data into the Slide template, convert to pdf and email to the user 

this way we were able to use the Typeform logic rules to do a bunch of the evaluation and then Google Sheets to do the rest and get the bits back to the client in the email. 

just a thought or two.. 


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Hi @Liz

Thanks for your reply.

I assume I will do that. Probably a lot easier.


Hey @john.desborough,

great Feedback, thanks.

I wasn’t thinking about a solution with Google sheets, but that seems plausible if you have contact details of a user. We oftentimes do not have that.


We provide counseling in special needs situations. Very often this happens without contact details and subtle offers like a short text with an immediate evaluation of the users situation.

We have many different short tests (20 at the moment) with 3 questions and 3 answers each, giving uns 27 different endings for each tests.
We also have a Feedback Form attached to the original forms. It is always the same form. However, based on the ending of the first test, we would like to provide the user with exactly the right combination of follow-up links after filling out the feedback form. 

Currently, with our 20 tests that could be 540 different endings.


I’m thinking about splitting the Feedback Form, if the topics are too different and we could lower it to roughly 150 endings for each form.


Thanks for your advice though. 

It’s always amazing to see how typeform can be useful in almost any use case.


All the best to you guys.🙂

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Hey @daniel! How are you doing today? Why don't you send some of your forms to us? We'd love to take a look at them and give you some feedback! In the meantime, we also have a thread where we encourage our customers to share their use case. Feel free to jump in and share yours over there.

Wishing you a great day ahead! 😉

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Ohhh that explains all the endings, @daniel ! I was wondering what you were building to end up with so many options. 😂 What a wonderful way to share feedback!