Multiple select then rank?

  • 4 August 2022
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I’m trying to create a survey form where we ask the user to select the different kinds of software they use, and then the next question takes those answers and lets the user rank them in order of which they use most. Is that workflow possible in type form? 

So the workflow is:

Q1: What kinds of software do you use? (5 choices)

→ user selects 3

Q2: Which of these softwares do you use the most?

→ user ranks 3 selected items from most to least used

2 replies

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Hello @pjicasas! Welcome to our Community!

There are several ways to get this done using different types of questions. I created an example with a matrix question that you can see below:

 You can also use a ranking question, like in the example below:

I suggest you take a look at this article where you can explore the types of questions we offer at Typeform. Hope it helps! 

Wishing you a great weekend! 

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@pjicasas - you are, unfortunately, not able to use the ‘multiple selected answers’ as input into the next question. Typeform does not yet have the capability to do what you are trying to do - I wish it did as i have a few typeforms where i ask people to choose from the list presented and then have to rank their choices (in terms of “which tshirts should i print next”)  - it just isn’t possible yet.. 

it’s been asked for, and is in the Product team’s backlog as has been stated elsewhere in the Community posts..