one of three of our emails is not receiving notifications

  • 16 January 2023
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We have 3 emails and only 2 actually get the notifications without an issue. 1 receives them for a while and then suddenly, nothing. The address is still included on the notification section of typeform but nothing comes in. One tech last year suggested it was being blocked. He fixed something on their end and it worked for a while. Now it’s acting up again. Any suggestions? 


Best answer by Liz 17 January 2023, 17:50

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4 replies

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Hi @unicorn If that email address has already had an issue with being blocked from notifications, it would be best to reach back out to the support team here, as they have access to this information. 

Usually this happens if the email address has an auto-responder turned on or if they have unsubscribed to email notifications. 

Hi Liz - I have reached out to tech support 2x and so far no reply. Maybe today? It’s so frustrating since nothing has been changed on our end regarding emails or servers. Thank you for your reply. 


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Hi @unicorn Our tech team let me know they responded to your email earlier today. Did you receive it? 

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Hey @unicorn hope you’re doing ok, just checking to see if you received the email as per Liz’s message?