Outcome quiz: results violate logic

  • 14 January 2023
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To simplify things, my outcome quiz has two outcomes where the difference is a yes/no question. A “Yes” qualifies one outcome (X), and the absence of a “Yes” leads to the other (Y). There are many other questions and outcomes too though. One survey taker responded “No” (i.e. not “Yes”) to this binary question, but still got outcome “X”. How could this happen? How can I fix it?


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3 replies

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Hi @niklaswj Could you send a screenshot of the logics you have setup? 

Additionally, it’s worth taking a look at this article here on ordering logic jumps, as this might be an easy fix to the issue. 

Thank you, @Liz . The logic is completely linear. 10 questions, and then 10 different outcomes which rely on the answers on the 10 questions. The quiz doesn’t follow different tracks, however, as everyone will have to answer the same set of questions.

Does it matter which order that I select the required answers under each outcome?  

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Hi @niklaswj Yes, the order definitely matters! The post above will explain more in detail, but the short version is that the logic jumps will execute in the order they are placed, so if a respondent’s answer matches the first one listed, it will then follow that logic.