Quiz that doesn't show total outcome to responder

  • 24 April 2024
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I am duplicating the GAD-7 (anxiety disorder quiz) 

Generalized Anxiety Disorder 7-item (GAD-7) - Mental Health Screening - National HIV Curriculum (

I want to total the results but not show the end result to the client.  How can I total but not show the ending result?



5 replies

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Hi @mariaraiseupfamilies Thanks for stopping by the community! Just so I understand correctly, do you want to show them a score but not on an ending screen? If you could send screenshots of what you already setup, that would be helpful!

Hello, thank you for offering to help me. You are the only one who responded. I am re-creating the GAD-7 (General Anxiety Disorder) which measures anxiety on a typeform. I would like to calculate the clients anxiety level but not have the client see the END result. I attached two screen shots of the questions and logic format.

Thank you for the support.



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Hi @mariaraiseupfamilies thanks for the additional info, Liz is off for the rest of the week so thought I would step in.

You can customize the endings so you’ll still calculating the score but the participant isn’t see it. We have a couple of Help Center articles that might be useful for setting this up:

Add scores and calculations to your form

Show different endings based on a score

Hopefully they can help get you started! 

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Hi @mariaraiseupfamilies I hope you’re doing well! Did the articles above help? Let us know if you have any other questions!