Send to a different email address depending on the prospect's response

  • 24 September 2021
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Is it possible to send the answer to the form to different email addresses depending on the answer chosen?

Ex : 

What type of service are you looking for?
A - Aluminium
B - Wood
C - Fitting

If the prospect chooses answer A, the form will be sent to the address
If he chooses C, the form will be sent to the email address
If they choose A and B, the form will be sent to and


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Hi @Miraya Welcome to the community! Our notification settings doesn’t have this feature, but you could set this up with Zapier or Integromat. I’ll let @Michaela help with the Integromat side of things, but with Zapier, you’d need to use their Filters feature like below to filter the zap based on response. 

Then, after the filter portion, you can choose to send an email to a specific email with whatever app you’re sending emails in. 

Does this work for you? 

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@Miraya @Liz - just a quick thought on this as well

you could also connect the form to Google Sheets and use the add-on Document Studio to merge the data into an email file and send it to the appropriate recipient based on the choice… just sayin’ this as it may be easier than using a zap or Integromat … not to diss either of them 



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Hi @Miraya , welcome to the community! Hey guys, hope everyone’s well :blush:

As always, I’d like to thank @Liz for tagging me here. I’m veeery happy to jump in with some Integromat talk.

Ok so in order to send out a different email based on a multi-select answer, you could head over to Integromat and: 

  1. Select the ‘Watch Reponses’ Typeform module and add a webhook to listen for data by

  • connecting Typeform to Integromat

  • selecting the form you want to monitor

(pro tip: at this point, it’s best to press “run once” and fill out your Typeform with sample data to teach Integromat the structure of the form)PYL-xiWuTrUq-8Ga6RWVsup6A5z6mKFwjvRXX_3Q1CpmIWBcp384Hm4n2fUbyYmhQUsH7ucHY6jfjjIVgSV93Mpp4ikEHisOXKkAyeSx3GuS-O_5mebFOZgmuGNL3kORvSi5LDY8=s0

  1. Add an iterator to your scenario. It’s gonna grab the multiple select options (Aluminium, Wood, Fitting) and process them one by one. Map the question to the iterator so that it knows what to work with.


  1. Now we’re gonna need to invite a router to the party. Why? It lets you create multiple pathways to send the data to. Just a side note: you can find both iterator and router in the “Tools” section
  1. Add three “Send an Email” Email modules. Or you can just add one and copy-paste the others. Within the module you:

  • connect your email to Integromat

  • define the recipient of the email (I mapped the email address from the “Email” field of my Typeform)

  • set the subject of the email

  • create the body of the email


  1. Finally, we need to set up some filters so that only certain data will travel through specific pathways. Click the dotted line between the router and the email module and

  • name the filter (Aluminium/Wood/Fitting)

  • set the conditional logic to:

    • value (the multiple select option mapped from the iterator) is equal to Aluminium/Wood/Fitting) 

--> now, if that condition is met (meaning if the answer is e.g. Aluminium) an email saying “Hey, you chose aluminium” will be sent. 



Weeell and this is what the entire scenario looks like :relaxed:DiN4KUQ9sJ-xMCCc4yr8pOzGQ2H_lFCt8S_63ViQl_LAYSUtwORSu6rB1_wZuoFo6OMSe4GUr_e2heNuvCxoLFMT_N06ICn_Ho32OgIrhVo5PZTTmPAsDCcGl3ziwb1TGlBHdQuJ=s0


Automation magic, amirite? 



If you’re intrigued to see more about working with Typeform on Integromat, you can check out the integration and its currently available features :nerd:



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Thank you for the help, @Michaela !! 

Also, you don’t even KNOW how much I love Titus!!!


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Omg @Liz so do I! I aspire to be this level of extra :grin:


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@Michaela Same, same!!