The idea behind duplicating themes

  • 21 November 2021
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Hi all,

New to Typeform and first post in the forum. 

I’m a bit confused about the logic (or lack thereof) behind Themes and what happens when I duplicate them.

In a test workspace I created a survey and saved it. Then I created a duplicate of that survey. I then edited the name of the theme and I’m then asked if I want to save it as a new theme.

So now I have the newly created theme and the “default” version of the theme.

When opening the first created survey, the newly renamed and saved theme I can Rename, Edit, Duplicate and Delete whereas the “default” theme I can only Edit.

If I open the duplicated survey I see only the newly renamed theme and there I can Rename, Edit, Duplicate and Delete it.


Earlier in the process of creating surveys I unfortunately changed the background image on one survey and saved it across all surveys. This was a major issue and has made me very wary of working with themes. As I see it is way to easy to make a mistake here, all the while finding the logical - and correct - process is eluding me… hopefully someone can help shed some light on this :sunglasses:  

And yes I have read all the guides I could find. Did not really get it, that when editing a default theme and saving it, that is then a custom theme in Typeform and what i do with that is changed in all surveys that uses that theme.


Best, Henrik 

3 replies

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Hi @CommTeam Welcome to the community and happy Monday to you! :grinning:

You should be able to edit any theme that you create. Could you send a screenshot of the one that has limited options? 

When you apply a theme to multiple forms, updating the theme in any form will update it in all forms where the theme is applied, so this is expected behavior. If you have a theme you only want to use for one form, the safest bet is to create one specific them, only used for that form. 

Hi Liz

Thank you for getting back to me. Did not get a screen shot and now it no longer shows the limited functionality

However just now when I opened a survey to see if I could recreate this I noticed that just be clicking on other themes if I click on the theme in just the right way, that theme is now selected and autosaved for that survey! This is honestly a very strange set up to have. That means I don’t even want to touch the themes that are listed in the right hand menu. 

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Hi @CommTeam You are correct that selecting a theme will save the theme for the form you’re on. Though, if you don’t publish the changes, the updated theme won’t appear on the live version, which should allow you to test out how different themes look before deciding on one!