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Is it possible to let folks upload zipped folders to send multiple files (under 10MB total)?


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I also need this feature. Looking for another solution since this functionality doesn’t exist ...

Just adding to this discussion and I have just signed up to typeform with a pro account, but I would also like to have the option to be able to upload multiple files in one go. Seems like this is not possible, which is a shame as otherwise typeform is really slick.


+1 on this feature, super needed. Else moving to Airtable i guess is the way to go. is what I have migrated to! Not tried airtable though!

Can’t believe no multiple file upload feature been waiting for this for ages. Judging on how many people have desperately needed this, it seems the development team needs to focus on important needs. I’ll be cancelling my subscription simply because an easy feature (uploading multiple images) that is fairly simple to write code for still doesn’t exist. Where are your priorities? is what I have migrated to! Not tried airtable though!

Yup They have way better features and i’ve seen first hand how quickly feature requests move through the pipeline. Then people wonder why little tech companies get trounced.

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Multiple files can uploaded by using different name for input and it is also possible to upload multiple files simultaneously and have the information organized automatically in arrays for you by that you need to use the same array submission syntax in the HTML form as you do with multiple selects as following bellow

Example #1Uploading multiple files

   <form action =''file-

    Upload .php"  method="post"

     enctype="multiparty /form-data">

                     Sent these files:<br  />

                    <input name ="usefile [  ]"

                     type="file"    /><br   br   />

                      value="send  file"   />



Also adding to this feature request list. It is important for us to have multiple file uploads. Will check out the alternatives listed.

Yes it’s so disappointing. The devs seem not able to remove placeholder from address etc. questions and also they cant develop multiple file upload. I am a programmer myself and I know how easy this is. It is so disappointing. 

Just following up - I still needing this feature. I could test “surveysparrow”, whom seem a lot like typeform, and there is this feature, we even can control the number of files and the extensions accepted. 

Please put this on high priority to release, we love typeform, but we need it a lot!