When are the 'mandatory' questions evaluated for compliance?

  • 10 February 2021
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In a current assessment typeform, I have 8 question groups - first one is to collect personal ie name and industry sector, question groups 2 through 8 are a series of questions, all of which are mandatory.

at the end of each question group, i have a yes/no question that displays the responses of the current section and asks for confirmation that they are correct before going to the next q-group. 

a tester of the typeform (a co-opted friend) pointed out that she left one question blank on purposes in the middle of the form (scrolled by the one question) and was informed at the very end, on submit, that there was a missing response and had to cycle all the way back through the entire assessment. 

Is there a way to ‘force’ validation of mandatory questions/responses at the end of a question group rather than at the end of the long assessment? without having to resort to the API/webhooks that is.. 

Workaround seems to be that I would have to create a separate typeform for each question group, to force the validation of the mandatories on the exit of the question group with valid data, and passing the fields required as hidden to the next form.

[musings to self by the voices in my head, for validation and extra credit: Each typeform would dump data into Google Sheet and I would then have to consolidate it all back into a reporting tab to leverage the dynamic output report (that needs values from all the question group typeforms to generate the single report back to the respondent). This is why i gave up programming]

thanks in advance for thoughts on this…. 



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3 replies

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Hi @john.desborough ! :) You could use hidden field to hide the following questions until the previous ones have been answered. Then, they won’t be able to move forward in the form until they’ve provided an answer, which would help with the issue of jumping all the way back in the form if they missed one. 

Would this setup work? (This article is in the new builder.) Hopefully should be a relatively easier solution.

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@Liz that would likely work but i see it as a whole pile of logic to add to each question (38 of them in total where i would have to do that, across 7 question groups) - that would mean having to add a “if Qx is not equal to 0 (range is 1-5) then jump to nextQ” to each. 

what seems to be the drawback here is that when you try to scroll past a question, either with the down arrow or just by scrolling, the Submit button appear and you have to enter a value. If you hit the Submit button with no answer selected, you end up with warning to please enter a value  (which i know i can change in the Messages options) and after you select a value, and get to go to the next page, you still have that warning image below your opinion range - as in the image showing below from my little test



this Please fill this in image persists for q3 even after you fill in q1 and q2 successfully, if you caused it above/in a prior question response. 

that would be a bit annoying if that was the case. in my survey if that was done on the very first question it would replicate through the 37 others.. 

While it is valid work around, it seems like a visual impediment to using it too often. 

my test typeform is here as i did not want to try this out in a copy of the long survey 



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@john.desborough It would be quite a few logic jumps, especially if you have a longer form. :\ While this is the only workaround I can think of at the moment, I can note the suggestion for our product team! :grinning: