Where to find examples?

  • 17 February 2021
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Where can we see examples of what other are doing with typeform? Thanks!


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Hey there welcome to the community. All our Inspiration case studies can be found here on our blog.


We're planning to drum up examples here on the community as we grow and would love to have folks show off what they're doing. Subscribe to the Tips & Inspiration section to be kept on the loop.


BTW are there any particular types of use cases/industries you're interested in? Maybe I can help point you in the right direction (I'm part of the team that sources and writes the car studies).

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Thanks for your response! I will check out both of the things that you mentioned, and I went ahead and subscribed there as well! We are especially interested in the Real Estate industry but I like to get ideas from anyone! 

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Nice one , hope it's helpful.

Funny you mention real estate, I spoke with a property development firm in London earlier this week who are doing some very interesting stuff with Typeform/VideoAsk/Salesforce. They seem keen to show off their solutions and hopefully will share something on here soon (making a note to ping you as and when they post it up).


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@James can’t wait to see it! :grinning: