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  • 29 April 2022
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Hi, is it possible to integrate a “back-button” so that users can correct an answer they gave? This would be very helpful to decrease the bounce rate. Thanks!  


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Hi @merle 👋 
This is a great idea and there is a way you can build this into your videoasks using the Logic feature! 

When you’re building your videoasks you can add a Multiple Choice step wherever you think your respondents may want to navigate to the previous step (or any other step of your videoask).
By adding an option like “Go back” or “Start Over” to the list of options you give yourself the ability to set the logic for that choice to go to the previous step (or any step you specify). 

You can read more about this technique in this help center article:


As you’ve likely already suspected, this does require some forethought while you’re building your videoask and a back button can’t (currently) be added to any/all answer types. But this does work great when you combine Multiple Choice answer types at key points throughout your videoask to give your respondents more options.

Let me know what other questions you have about going ‘back’ or building your videoask in the best way for your respondents!  

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Hi @Dan_VA,

thanks for your response. This will help in the first place. Is Videoaks planning to develop an option to go back in the future? 


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Is Videoaks planning to develop an option to go back in the future? 

Real answer: I can’t know for sure. 
My thoughts: This is a feature many users would like to see, myself included. The one thing I can say about how to ‘light a fire’ under this idea and increase its chances of being built into the product eventually is to provide as much context around how and why you (and others) would use it. 

So if you’re up for sharing a bit more about what you’re building and where a ‘back button’ would add value let us know and we’ll pass it along to the team here for sure! 

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I would like to have a "back button". I use Videoask for lead generation and deal with a lot of inquiries that are not fully completed. I would imagine that a back button could help solve this problem. No one wants to start the whole thing over again when they realize they want to edit a response before. This leads me to think about using a classic form instead of videoaks, which would be a pity. 

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What do you think @Dan_VA , is @merle’s reply detailed enough to send to product?

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I’ve added this to the Feature Request board and linked back to this post to share that additional context. Thanks @merle