Elementor + Videoask embed onto website

  • 13 July 2023
  • 4 replies

Hey there, I have created an opt in form using the pop ups from elementor and I want to transfer the variable (lead details) from the pop up form to videoask.

I read up on how to do it but was unsuccessful.

Any advice on this?

4 replies

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Hey @Ridge welcome to the community! 

Just to confirm, you’re collecting leads via the Elementor pop up and then you want to transfer those leads to your videoask? 

Yes, I’m collecting the contact details with the element or pop ups then survey via video ask.


I want to be able to connect the 2 if possible

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Hey @Ridge thanks for confirming!

Is the videoask also embedded on the website or does it live somewhere else?

It might be worth reaching out to Elementor support to find out if it’s possible to pass lead information into the code of the website (if your videoask is also embedded) 


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Hi @Ridge Happy Fri-yay! Were you able to solve the issue? If you’d be able to answer the question above, that’ll help us narrow down a solution.