How can I track video dropoff and watch times?

  • 15 November 2022
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I need to track video dropoff and see what % of users make it to certain parts of the video. Vidalytics and Wistia both have a feature that shows you watch rates and % of people that make it to parts of your video. Anyone use other tracking software with videoask to track what % of videos are watched and see exact dropoff? 


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3 replies

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Hey @Dan L are you able to get what you need from the Drop Off Analysis in the builder of VideoAsk? 

It tells you how many people landed on a step, percentage of video watched, how many moved on to the next step and what the drop off rate is. 

Hope that helps - but if anyone else is using other tracking tools it would be great to hear about them!

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No Im looking for an exact dropoff with a graph on the video. For example at 23 seconds theres 70% of people that click play that make it there then 26 seconds theres 65% of people that make it there. Dropoff analysis just shows the steps and what % of people make it to 75% of the video. Looking for more in depth metrics 

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Thanks for sharing that additional context, @Dan L!

While video watch time and retention statistics aren’t currently available in VideoAsk, I’ve just gone ahead and added this as an internal feature request.

In the meantime, you might want to connect VideoAsk to Google Analytics to access more detailed metrics. However, I believe tracking watch time on a per step basis will require us to add this functionality directly in the product.

I hope this helps, and thanks again for your feedback!