How to still see the question while you are recording an audio answer on mobile/phone view?

Hi! I want my users to be able to see the questions while they are recording their answers. It works on desktop (folks can see the overlay text), but on mobile, the question screen disappears and only the recorder screen is viewable. Is there any way to make the question visible on the recording screen? Thank you!

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Hi @MelissaD

I’d say the best approach for respondents interacting on mobile is to use the Notes feature. This is a toggle they can enable that allows them to write any text they might need to jog their memory.

I understand this isn’t ideal for your use case, but it’s something you can encourage respondents to do if they need a little extra guidance. 

Hope this helps!

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Hey @MelissaD hope you had a good weekend!

Let us know if Andrew’s suggestion might be useful, it’s on our feature request board to be able to see the question in mobile view so I’m going to add another +1 to it 😊

That’s great! Thank you both!