I want to create a white background for the comment fields and the last screen because it's hard to read the text in any color background. How can this be done?

  • 17 May 2023
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Hi, Video Ask Tribe,

I’m happy with the branding of my first VA overall. But the fields where the audience needs to write their comments and the last screen, where I need to give instructions and they need to answer are not legible. THey need a white background with black text. Is that possible? How can I do it?


If this is not possible, what can I do with the current branding options to get these fields to be more legible? Thanks.


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Hey @Maria Mar welcome to the community!

If you go to settings in the videoask builder you can edit the colors to match your branding.

I think the default for text answers is a white background with black text, maybe you could share a screen shot if you are seeing something different?

You can also edit the background color of the end screen so that it’s white and then this will automatically make the text black:


Hope that helps, but let me know if you have more questions 😊


OK. The end screen is easy to do. Thanks.

But for the rest, I do know that I can change the colors and I did. They match my branding. So I don’t want to change any of the 3 color options.

But as you can see in the screenshot attached, when there is a form field for clients to write their comments, the inside of the field is the same color as the branding, so it’s even hard to realize there is a field there, much less write inside.

What I need is to be able to give those fields a different color: white, and then for the font to change automatically to black.

If this is supposed to happen, as I think you are saying, then it’s not happening for me in my first VA.

Let me know if there is something at my end that I can do to fix this.


ALSO: If I change the branding, do I then have to get a new code for my widget and substitute the code in my site pages?


Thanks for your prompt response!


Maria Mar


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Hey @Maria Mar if you have switched up the background color in the settings, then that’s what is going to effect the background of the answer types too, so the third option in the color selection will effect that:



If you make any edits to your videoask, like color/branding it won’t effect the embed. As long as the link is the same it will just automatically update wherever you have embedded the videoask.

Hope that all makes sense 🙏


Hi Grace,

The branding is not working. I changed the third color to white… and the whole thing changed to white and black. I absolutely detest black in my branding. The feminine, joyful colors of my branding disappeared.

Unless I’m getting something wrong, I suspect that you need to add a fourth color option specifically for the fields to stay white with black text when we change the color of the background. Because right now the way I see it is that fields change to the same color as backgrounds. I already have one user who only answered the first question and I suspect she simply could not see the comment field.

So I would really appreciate if you tell me what I’m missing or pass this as a feature request.

(I’m talking about the general background, the first color to the right.)




Sorry Grace, For all the back and forth, but it’s my first time here!

I put the branding as it was before because I liked the color. When I use color in the background the black around the video is balanced.

I decided to leave it up to the person what media to use and tried it and it was easy to use video and audio, which I thought my audience may get upset if it was complicated. But it’s really easy and I’m so impressed. So that takes care of their answer and I think that now if they choose text they will look for the cursor, even if it’s still a bit hard to see or they may use another media.

The only problem remains in the answer screen for the last video, the form that drops at the end, before the end screen. I was calling it the end screen, but it’s not. I don’t see a place where to edit it, so I cannot change the colors there. The fields are not visible. But more importantly, my instructions are not visible either.

I’ve tried to solve the problem by writing my instructions as an overly over the video.

That works for me.

However, I did change some options in some of the videos, and added a step. I thought it would show up in the widget as you said there would be a problem only if I changed the url. But the changes are not showing.

Do I need to wait because it takes time? Or do I have to change the code in the widget?




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Hey @Maria Mar no worries at all!

I’m not 100% sure I’m understanding everything here, wondering if it might be better to get a visual of what’s happening. I’m going to drop you a DM with a couple of questions Maria so look out for that!

Also, you shouldn’t need to update the widget code, as long as it’s the same URL the changes should pull through. If that’s not happening I think we might need to take this to the support team to investigate further!

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Hey @Maria Mar just checking in here, did you get in touch with the support team to talk through some of your setup?

I like your idea.