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  • 1 December 2023
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I sell physical products online – and I would like to use VideoAsk for this, but find it limited in one crucial aspect. VideoAsk has a built-in Billing Information (Payments) form, however it does not have a built-in Mailing Information (Shipping) form.

Having an option to collect Billing Information + Shipping Information within a “Payment” section would be an absolute game changer for e-commerce (IMO). It may substitute the need for a Shopify storefront.
• Can we make this happen?
• Is there a solution I’m not aware of?





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3 replies

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Hi @Bronson Nicholas welcome to the community 😊 This is some really great feedback thank you.

As a workaround you can use the contact form to collect some of the shipping information, it’s possible to customize the text prompts in a videoask so you could edit the product name field to something more relevant. Alternatively you could use an open ended answer type and toggle it to text only and ask for the address that way.

I will share this with our product team and add it to the feature request board in the meantime. 

Let us know if you have any other thoughts or questions! 

Hi again,

Please send this to the “feature request board”.
• The problem with using an "open ended" answer (with text only) for "Mailing address" collection feild, is that the customer may have improper formatting due to manually typing. On the other hand, having a dedicated field for "Mailing Address" collection in VideoAsk will ensure the customer has proper formatting and address prediction prompts.

For now, I will be using a Custom Text Prompt to edit the “provide product name” field and replace it with “Provide Mailing Address”. But, this seems tedious for the customer.

I noticed that Typeform has a Mailing Address field.
• is there a way to seamlessly connect/transition to a VideoAsk to a Typeform? That would be next level.

Thanks again,




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Hi @Bronson Nicholas I will definitely add this to the feature request, thank you for including the extra information 😊

You can redirect from a videoask to a typeform if you want to combine the power of both and use the contact questions in Typeform instead. Here’s a Help Center article which talks through the setup.

Let us know if that could work for you, or if you have any other questions!