VideoAsk as a link in bio?

  • 4 January 2023
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Has anyone tried using a videoask form for a social “link in bio”? I have used it for similar purposes (such as soliciting questions), and the features seem to be there.


What are the pros and cons? I am concerned with the bounce rate at the start, as whatever option a user is seeking might not be immediately visible.


I’m considering an experiment, and would love the community’s thoughts!

2 replies

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Hi @jdm 👋

I’m not personally aware of any customers currently using VideoAsk for this use case, but it’s certainly a great idea!

If you’re concerned about bounce rate, you can always include a small blurb of overlay text saying something to the effect of: “Scroll down to see all the options 👇” 

Blaze the trail, and let us know your results 🔥

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What a great idea @jdm we’d love to hear about it if you go ahead with your experiment, keep us posted!