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Many VideoAsk respondents are checking with us if we received their submission. It is very time consuming to respond to everyone individually.


Is it possible for the respondents to receive a confirmation email once they completed or submitted their VideoAsk? Thanks!

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Hey @itsjamesjamesjames welcome to the community and thanks for your question 😊

At the moment there isn’t a way to natively setup a confirmation email within VideoAsk to let your respondents know their answer was submitted. It is something that’s on our Feature Request board so I’m going to add another +1 to it 🙏

Are you collecting contact details at the end of the VideoAsk? You could add in a message in the consent check box to explain what the next communication will be from you - to reassure them that they won’t get a confirmation email but you will be in touch?

Or you could even use Zapier to trigger a confirmation email, it might require adding in a couple of steps to automate the process but I think it would be possible to do 🤔

Hi Grace, thanks for bumping it up on the Feature Request board! 


I agree Zapier might work, but it’s a hassle setting it up. Looking forward to the native setup!

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I’ll keep you posted on this one @itsjamesjamesjames, it’s definitely a popular request so hopefully it’ll come into play soon 👀