When will Uploaded (vs Streatmed) recordings work well with IOS?

  • 17 January 2023
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I need high quality video submissions, and would like to use the “Uploaded” setting for the recordings, however I cannot rely “Uploaded” recordings because your video player does not work well with IOS. I have no way of knowing whether a responded is using IOS or not. Therefore, I must use “Streamed” recording setting, but the quality suffers. When will the Uploaded recording setting integrate well with IOS, if ever? Do you have any other suggestion on how I can get the best quality recordings without risking poor quality videos from iOS users?


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3 replies

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@yoav attias Great question!

My suggestion is to create two videoasks.

The first videoask asks the respondent if they’re using an iOS device. If they answer yes, continue to the next step within the same videoask where they record their response. This videoask can use the streamed recording feature.

You could then create a second videoask, which uses the uploaded recording option, and link it to the “no” option in the first videoask.

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Thats a brilliant workaround. How do you link another videoask to a multiple choice option?

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Hey @yoav attias you’ll need to use logic to create the next steps from the multiple choice options. When you create the next step there’s an option to Redirect to a URL where you can add the second videoask link to.