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We’ve been a bit quiet over here so thought I would give a shout out to some new Schmoozers

@JeudiMerci @OZK @Jeanne Dimmick @Yuriy congrats on getting a new badge and thanks for spending time with us in the Community! 🎉🤗


Congrats schmoozers! Feel free to reach out if you need any help or inspiration with your form creation. I’ve worked on the Typeform content team for some time and I’m happy to point you in the direction of any useful materials/examples/case studies for your use case 😎

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Hello lovely folks! 🤗

We’ve got some new badges to celebrate 🎉

Shout out to our new Influencers @Leora @SmallBiz Sidekick and @louise_videoask 😎 

And welcome to our new Schmoozers @jeremielp @the other max @magnuslundin @Davin 🙌



It’s great to have you all here asking questions and sharing ideas 💛

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Hello everyone and happy Friday! 🎉

Wanted to stop by and give some well deserved shout outs to end this week! We’ve got some new badges making there way around woop woop! 



Two new Schmoozers - @Brian LISD thanks for stopping by the community to ask your question and welcome back @AD4 good to see you here again!

Congrats to @Grace.H for earning the Meaningful badge, thanks for sharing your VideoAsk knowledge over the past few months! 

And a double badge winner for @Harsh absolutely smashing it with the Meaningful badge and Problem Solver badge! I’m sure there are a lot of grateful creators appreciating your ideas and insights into Typeform so thank you for sharing your knowledge! 



Hope everyone has a fabulous Friday and a great weekend 🌞💜

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Nice one badge winners 🤘 @Brian LISD @AD4 @Grace.H @Harsh thanks for contributing to the community, much appreciated!