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  • 6 February 2024
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Hello! I am a high school student in Northern Colorado. I am enrolled in a class which requires me to create and complete a research study. My chosen topic of inquiry is into the impact of Generative Artificial Intelligence on the fictional novel publishing industry. To broaden the scopes of my research, I want to include prospectives from those who are actively creating the technology. 

The questionnaire is only five minutes, and volunteers have to fill out an informed consent form beforehand to ensure their awareness of the project and its intentions. 

If any of you are developing GAI or AI, or know somebody who is employed in this profession, and would like to volunteer for the survey please reach out to me via email.

Thank you for your time, 


5 replies

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Hi @Rachel25 Thanks for stopping by! Are you using typeform or videoask for this? 

Hi @Liz! The questionnaire and informed consent form will be sent via Google accounts. 

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Thanks, @Rachel25 ! Is the form made in Typeform or VideoAsk? 

@Liz the form was made in Google Docs. 

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Ah, got it, @Rachel25 ! We’re happy to help with any questions or research related to forms built in Typeform, VideoAsk or Formless. 😀