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  • 16 November 2020
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Hello All, me again :)

A couple of things about Topics. Sorry for mixing 3 queries in one post and if I come across too demanding: 

  1. I think the field to select the Category should go Under “What kind of topic are you creating” and above “Title” . 
  2. if I’m inside a section and I create a post I expect for the post to be automatically created there instead of me having to drill down the categories. Ideally it should be auto-populated and then give the user the choice of changing it if they need because as the Topics, categories and all that grows I can see this bothering some users… 
  3. Related to #2 it would be good to have a button inside the category to create the post and not having to resort to the top one. Sure now I know where it is but the first post I created I spent a good 5-10 seconds looking for the way to add a post in that category. 

4 replies

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I cannot agree more with all these points. I’m not sure how much flexibility there’s out of the box to change those elements - I’ll figure it out. I think #2 is possibly the most complicated based on what I’ve seen in other communities. 

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Also, #3 could be solved in the menu was sticky and you could still see it as you scroll down. But there may be other ways to go about it. 


Insided, the platform provider, has an ideas section where we can also post suggestions for improvements. I’ll make sure to be active in there :P

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Hey @Nordin , I've been told that #2 is a bug and #1 can't be changed because it's a core element and it'll be impact all their other communities - so we just need everyone to agree with you :) 

I'll keep investigating about #3. 


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Hey @Nordin , have you noticed anything new regarding the navigation menu and the create a topic button?