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  • 25 February 2022
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Hello one and all!

If you’ve got a burning question about VideoAsk that you think would be best answered by a member of the support team, you can find the Help videoask in several locations across the VideoAsk app and website:

  • If you’ve been looking around the VideoAsk Help Center for some answers, you’ll notice at the end of each article there’s the option to :wave:  Videoask Us. This opens the Help videoask as a widget so you can quickly ask your question via video, audio or text!



  • In the midst of creating your videoask and need some help? You don’t need to go anywhere, just click on the question mark in the build area or in app to :wave: Videoask us 



  • You’ll also find the link to the Help videoask in the footer of the website, so there’s always a way to get in touch with the support team!


So our support team can help you faster, be sure to submit your response using the email address associated with your VideoAsk account, if you have one :wink:


:eyes:  You might also like to take a look at some of these links for some extra help:

VideoAsk Help Center for detailed guides and walkthroughs on how to use VideoAsk.

Status page if you’re experiencing issues with your videoask the system may be having some downtime, check out the VideoAsk status page and subscribe to status updates.

Become an Affiliate Enjoying using VideoAsk and want to start recommending it to your clients and community? Why not become an affiliate to earn commission on referrals!

Report Abuse if you believe a videoask isn’t being used ethically or respectfully, visit this page to learn how to report it.

3 replies

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@Grace - this is a good piece of news so that we don’t send our support questions to the ‘wrong’ help desk.. thank you!


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Hey @Umama thanks for reaching out, are you looking to learn something specific about Typeform or VideoAsk?

Feel free to ask any questions over in the Q&A section of the community if that helps, or you can contact the support team if you need help with your account. 

I learn but I don't know how my account can be grow