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  • 18 November 2020
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Hi folks!

We are getting a good number of questions about community functionality, which doesn’t surprise me at all - this is the main space for us to hang out and learn from each other. I think it’s important to clarify though that this is not an in-house built platform, we have partnered with a company called InSided to bring our community to life. 


Insided has been in the business of building communities for over 10 years and they provide community software for other successful brands such as Zapier, Miro, Coursera, Mixpanel and Sonos. Their community is very stable and reliable and it offers a good amount of functionality. We work very close with their team and they have a keen interest in helping as build a really special community. 


Having said that, you will find that not everything is perfect and there are some missing features that could make our lives easier (both for users and admins). So, even if there’s a limit to what we can and cannot change in the community, I’ll always have an open conversation with InSided about how to make their platform more suitable to the Typeform community. 


Further their platform is always evolving and adding new features, so we’ll benefit of all those improvements they roll out every year.  Any questions you may have about their community platform you can post it on our platform chat. 

2 replies

Hello @Gabriel 


How can i integrated this Typeform into my WordPress website WI CCAP Which is WordPress blog and i have been receiving lots of comments regarding Wisconsin  Circuit court Queries and i m looking for good Community CMS for my blog please help me out



reach out us email getintouch@wiccap.co





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@johnson - welcome to the community from another user

this is a peer-based community and the only way that you get email support is to submit a help ticket at the Typeform link here

in the meantime, there is a Help Centre article that might be of assistance to you