Airtable Opinion Scale

  • 14 August 2023
  • 4 replies

I’m creating a Typeform that goes into an Airtable database and I see in the documentation that Opinion Scale is compatible with Airtable’s Rating but it’s not working on my end. Is this no longer supported?

4 replies

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Hi @ML5050 Thanks for stopping by the community! Do the answer options match in both Airtable and Typeform exactly? If not, this will prevent the two from being able to connect. 

If that’s not causing the issue, do you mind sending a screenshot of the question answers in both Airtable and Typeform? 

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Hey @ML5050 how’s it going? Do you still need help with your Airtable integration? Let us know 😊

Hi all, I am experiencing this problem today.. does anyone have a solution?


I have an opinion scale 1 - 10, in airtable I have a rating field with max 10, when I use the integration plugin the field mapping selector greys out the rating field



fixed it.. typeform default is 0 - 10.. airtable rating wont accept the zero so you need to amend typeform to 1 - 10.