Calling all Experts! Typeform & Convertkit Zapier Question


I am building a “quiz” on typeform, and I want specific answers to be tagged in convertkit. Depending on the results of the quiz, people will get different emails sent to them. 

I’ve already setup the convertkit+zap integration, but the only typeform element I’m seeing in zapier is when a form is filled out. 

How do I create tags for different answers or outcomes on forms?

I’ve seen it USED to be something you could do. And I saw a few detailed posts here from @john.desborough...but I’m not seeing any condition options in zapier,

Here’s what I’m seeing on my end. New entry is the only option.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated!



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Hi @Bren Happy Wednesday! You’re almost there! You’ll need to use the Filters feature in Zapier to filter which responses lead to which emails. 

We have a similar walkthrough of using filters to send emails accordingly below. 😀


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@Bren - if you have seen the 3 posts on the topic that i did earlier, then you should be able to see the details on how to pass a custom variable through to Convertkit. 

once it arrives in convertkit you set up the rules to assign a Convertkit tag based on the value of the custom variable. 

then it’s in the automation in Convertkit that i did the conditional logic to route into the email sequences. 

you can see more about that in the google doc at this link - if you have not seen it already. That’s how it was done back in Dec. things may have changed but that is where it was at the time. 

so, as @Liz says, you can use the Filters in Zapier or the conditions in the convertkit automations. 


just my thoughts.. 



Thank you for the replies, John & Liz.

I actually spent some time last night and this morning figuring this out, and wanted to share this simple version for anyone who might need it. 

I ended up using Zapier PATHS, not filter. There are three possible “Results” for my questionnaire. 

I used ONE “cinderella question” that, when answered, clearly categorizes the individual. 

In each path, I chose “Text contains”, and used the one special word used in each question (that isn’t repeated anywhere else in the questionnaire). When the person chooses that answer, they are tagged in convertkit, and on the convertkit side, sent into the appropriate sequence etc etc. 

Here’s what it looks like….it’s simple and it works. 


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@Bren - nicely done!