Can't map email question to email field on HubSpot

  • 19 November 2021
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Hi there, 


I’m sending typeform leads over to HubSpot. I set up the integration and mapped the field. Everything is being mapped correctly except the email, no idea why, but it’s the core part of everything. 


This is how I mapped the attributes on the integration. When I get to hubspot everything is ok except the, email, what am I doing wrong?






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3 replies

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Hi @pipe0101 Thanks for stopping by the community. Do you mind describing in more detail what’s wrong with the email mapping? Are you not receiving the email whatsoever in Hubspot? Any further info you can share about what’s happening when the respondent submits the form would be helpful, as it looks like you have the integration setup correctly. 

Correct. I am not receiving the email whatsoever in HubSpot. Fields like the job title, and Name are being received correctly by HubSpot, everything except for the email, which honestly I found weird.

When the respondent submits the form, a contact is being created or updated in HubSpot, for them to be sent an email. Since the email information is not getting passed over, the email I want them to receive is not being sent. 


This is an example, he submitted the form, was passed over to HubSpot, but without an email, so we cannot send any marketing communications




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Hi @pipe0101 Apologies for the delay getting back to you! I must have closed the browser tab faster than the message could actually send. :sob:

Our support team let me know they contacted you back to see if they need to revert your forms due to an issue with our recent integration release. If you reply to their message, they should be able to help you further! :grinning: