Document Studio Reducing Image Quality

  • 6 January 2023
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Hi Community I’m hoping you can help,

I have a reporting structure set up for our Typeforms with Google Sheets/Google Slides and Document Studio.

It was working perfectly pre-Christmas and was tried and tested.  Now all of a sudden the images being pulled from the spreadsheet to the reports are massively reduced in quality, blurry and unreadable.

I’ve genuinely changed nothing so I don’t know what has happened.


Any tips would be greatly appreciated?




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6 replies

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 @Sawski88 - are you embedding the image in the spreadsheet or using a link to pull the image into the document template? 

In any event, you should raise a help ticket with the folks at Document Studio.. i have found them to be very responsive in answering my questions.. 




Thanks @john.desborough, I’ve reached out to Document Studio so hopefully they come back to me quickly.

The images are being pulled by a link in the spreadsheet to the image in my Google Drive, which was working perfectly before Christmas so I’m not sure what’s changed.

Is embedding an option? I’m not sure I even know how to do that?

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@Sawski88 - avoid embedding them, technically it is possible but don’t lol..

good luck!


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Did you hear back from Document Studio, @Sawski88 ? Let us know what they said!


Yes they were fantastic actually.  It was a wider problem and they said they would release a fix within 30 minutes - and they did!

Now if only they would get back to me about pulling through hyperlinks….

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Oh wow, that’s great to hear, @Sawski88 ! Keep us posting on the hyperlinks.