How to charge for access to Typeform quiz?

  • 17 October 2021
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Hi! I created a quiz and would like to charge a monthly or annual fee for customers to access/use the quiz. I’d like a flow like this:

  1. Customer subscribes and automatically gains access to the typeform quiz.
  2. When subscription is about to expire, customer gets an automated reminder.
  3. If the customer doesn’t renew their subscription, their access to the typeform quiz is automatically revoked.

Is there some integration or workaround that will make this happen?

Thanks so much!


Best answer by Paulo 18 October 2021, 03:52

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4 replies

My website is built on Wix if that makes any difference.

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Hi @LindaFor! Welcome to the community from another user!

In my opinion, your best shot to achieve the results you want would be to create all the subscription functionality inside Wix. You could use the member login structure that Wix provides to limit access to specific pages and embed the quizzes in those pages. This would ensure that only subscribers had access to the pages with the quizzes. Hope it helps!

Thank you, @Paulo ! I’ll look into this.

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Were you able to get that working on Wix, @LindaFor ? Let us know if so!