How to send for submission date to airtable

  • 12 April 2021
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I’ve just upgraded my account, so I can now do a direct integration between typeform and Airtable (yay!).


But I can’t find a way to send the submission date of the form to airtable (since there is no question in my typeform which asks the date).


Do I have to go back to my old zap workaround to include the submission date?


If so, that’s disappointing considering I’m paying for the upgraded account for this reason.



3 replies

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Hi @love being thanks for stopping by! We don’t currently pass the submission date, but this is a great idea. :) I’ll share this with our integrations team, and if you think of any other ideas/questions, please let us know. 

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An alternative could be to use the built-in Created At field in Airtable.
There might be a couple of second delay between Typeform submission date and the Airtable record creation date, but it should be minimal.

Also faced this situation. The created_at field in the Airtable really helps, but if the integration created after the form already has responses they’ll have the same creation time - it’s equal to the data load time. Maybe there is some kind of lifehack how can this be avoided?
Sadly, the fields start and submit datetime are displayed when loading the csv file with responses but not read into Airtable.