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  • 13 September 2021
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Hi there,


I have created custom variables that are based on Typeform responses. Is it possible to import them into Active Campaign as a field?


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Hi @ianroderick Welcome to the community! This question might be better suited for Active Campaign, as they would have more knowledge on creating fields within their product. That being said, we don’t have an export option for moving the variables out of Typeform, so you would most likely need to manually create the fields in Active Campaign. 

Hopefully that helps a bit!

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Hi @ianroderick, great question mate. I’m doing the same thing.

The short answer is yes you can. You Crete the fields in ActiveCampaign first and then you connect Typeform, using the Apps feature on the bottom left hand corner on your ActiveCampaign screen, and when you’re in the process of doing that you can select the variables to import.

I have a quiz where I calculate the total score and 7 sub-scores and need to pass all 8 scores individually to ActiveCampaign. But, the problem is that none of the variables I’ve created in Typeform appear on the list viable to Active Campaign. So answers to questions can be passed but if you’re trying to pass the score of a quiz I too would like to know how to make this happen.

Any ideas @Liz or @Gabi Amaral ??

Cheers :) 

So this actually is not possible. The only solution that I found was to export Typeform answers first to Google Sheets, and then set up the Google Sheets/ActiveCampaign integration, and import from Google Sheets to ActiveCampaign.

It is a messy solution, but it works.

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Hi @ianroderick, thanks for the update. So you set up an automated way to go from Typeform to google Sheets then Google Sheets to Active Campaign? When you say ‘export’ the data was this done manually?

@Gabi Amaral and @Liz is there a way to automatically export the results from once a quiz id completed  to Google Sheets then to another application?

Cheers :)

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@Kosta - if you Connect your quiz to to Google Sheets inside Typeform, all the data is pushed into the google sheet automatically (on the first tab of the sheet file that you create) . 

sorry if that is repetitious or seemingly pedantic but it is pretty straightforwad. 

you then have the option to create additional tabs with ‘simpler’ field names and pull the data across to the second (etc) tab and then set up your integration to AC (or other tools) using the simpler field names. 


hope this is a help and not noise. 



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Thanks @john.desborough, appreciate the assistance. I’ve created a Google Sheet and added in some extra columns and also had Typeform send the data from previous responses and it populated the new Google Sheet … but upon running the quiz a few more times the google Sheet doesn’t update the new information. I feel stuck now as what was easy enough to set up isn’t working seamlessly.

@Liz and @Gabi Amaral is TF working on being able to provide the @score and @variable information as part of the integration? It seems pointless to have have a quiz that just stops with it and don’t allow seamless integration with other Apps like ActiveCampaign by providing all the data from the quiz. Having to use Google Sheets and then Zapier to connect with AC is very messy and time prone to errors as a number of systems are required to make everything work.


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Hi @Kosta The integration isn’t built by Typeform, I’m afraid, so only Active Campaign can make updates to this integration. I would definitely suggest contacting them to request this feature!

I am hoping to map the +score variable that is calculated in TypeForm into Active Campaign. 

The idea is the be able to send certain email automations to people based on their score:  if a person scores between 15-18 they get email #1. If they score 19-22 they get email #2. If they score 23-30 they get email #3.

When viewing the logs of the import from TypeForm to Active Campaign, I see the


My only issue is figuring out how to get each individual person’s score added into their Contact Profile. In the Field Map section the +score variable is not an option for a Field Source (see image below).

If anyone has any advice on the matter, that would be greatly appreciated!

Here is the link to the form itself for reference:



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Hi @tayloredhealth4you Thanks for stopping by the community! I added your post here where we have the answer plus a workaround that may help you. 

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@tayloredhealth4you I feel your pain my friend.

I tried the same thing attempting to export the scores to Active Campaign and I was given instruction to use Google Sheets then Zapier to get the data across to Active Campaign. This was a messy and at best hit and miss solution which isn’t sustainable. I have no solution creating a scorecard in Typeform so I used a differ to system all together much better suited to a quiz with a score (scorecard) that provides specific results and reports based on the range of the respondents score, eg. low, medium or high.

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@Kosta @tayloredhealth4you Definitely write to AC to request this feature!! They created the integration, which we don’t have any control over. While we can ask them for an update to it, it helps to have customers paying for their product to request it, too. :grinning:

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@Kosta @tayloredhealth4you I read this post as I was looking for a similar solution (at least, I hope I understood you correctly). It seems to work this way:


Connect Typeform to Google sheets. Data entries in Typeform are automatically pushed into sheets. Then, in stead of adding columns in the data entry sheet (cause this will not work with new entries), add a new tab, naming it for example ‘Adrenal Fatigue score 15-18’. Then, using the IF formula, extract data (name, email adress, etc) from the first tab with the original data entry, to the new tab (‘Adrenal Fatigue score 15-18’). E.g., only the contact information from respondents with adrenal score 15-18 will be shown in this tab. Repeat this for other scores, creating multiple tabs. Then, connect AC to Sheets.

In AC you will see the following steps:

step 1 - connect AC to sheets

step 2 - select spreadsheet

step 3 - select sheet

step 4 - subscribe to a list

This way, I believe you can send certain email automations to people based on their score.

I haven't used Zapier for this. It is a little work to create the Sheet (and excel formula are not my friends…..), but I believe I managed.

Hopefully this is helpful!


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@Rosemary thank you for the update, much appreciated.

I found that I needed to use Zapier to make it work and then only sometimes. We need a solution that’s seamless without multiple steps and potential issues. It needs to be easy for everyone so we could make it work simply :)

I hope your solution works :)


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Hi @Kosta @ianroderick and @Liz!

There’s a quick fix that you can do here.

Simply get the typeform user to input your scores back into the typeform.

Let me explain….

Once you’ve calculated the scores, you can add it to a question and simply get the typeform user to write it as an answer again.

If you do this, the scores will be inputted as an ANSWER TO A QUESTION! 🎉

Then you can use that answer as a field. 

You can see in the below question, is use @score in the question.

Then I get the typeform user to input @score into the “Type your answer here”

Below is a screenshot from my activecampaign account where you can see how I’ve added that as a field.