Integration Typeform with Klaviyo

  • 18 October 2021
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Now I have 2 accounts on Klaviyo, Can I integrate one account typeform with 2 stores on Klaviyo?

Thanks so. 


Best answer by kabir.mathur 19 October 2021, 23:33

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6 replies

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Hi @yellow999 Happy Monday! Yellow is a great color. :grin:

The integration can only be added with one Typeform account at this time, but I’d suggest reaching out to Klaviyo directly to share any feedback since they have built the integration!

Also tagging @kabir.mathur in case he has any contacts over there. :) 

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Hi @yellow999. I do have some contacts at Klaviyo that I can bring this up to. As @Liz mentioned, the best course of action is to log this request with Klaviyo’s support team since they built the integration. Thanks for the feedback!

@kabir.mathur thank you so much. 

Can I generate 2 surveys. Then, I integrate to each survey for each  klaviyo account ?

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@yellow999 Yes, that should be possible. Almost all of the integrations within Typeform are specific to your forms and not to your account. Two forms should be able to create subscribers in your Klaviyo account simultaneously. 


You can specify the form IDs that you want to sync to Klaviyo using this text field in their integration setup flow.



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Thank you, @kabir.mathur !!

@kabir.mathur  thanks bro :thumbsup: