Notion Integration Issue - invalid mulit select

  • 28 July 2021
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In webhooks, I’m getting:

status": 400,    "code": "validation_error",    "message": "iAjJ has an invalid multi_select value. VaGD has an invalid multi_select value. wyGe has an invalid multi_select value."

I can’t identify which value is invalid for whatever reason. The identifiers, like iAjJ don’t seem to correspond to anything in the Request code. (Btw, I reduced the max characters to under 100 for each answer, which sorted an earlier error, just in case someone runs into that error.) My answers do still have commas in some of them but will look terrible if I have to remove them. Oh wait… I wonder if the issue is that Notion doesn’t support commas? I just noticed that my pasted answers in Notion are missing the commas. Anyone?

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@LPS - check out this thread where it talks about the comma error in Notion



@john.desborough Ah, cool, thanks. That kills off Notion as a CRM for me then. Will take a look at Pipedrive. Thanks again :)

And this just in from Notion:

Thanks for writing in. I just created a Typeform, and when I tested the multi-select values using a multiple choice question in the form, only the values that did not contain a comma made it through. I am not sure about how Typeform is parsing strings in their API. They would be best to address how they are processing the values in their integration. Based on the quick test, however, it looks like you are correct.

The Notion API does strip the commas from the multi-select value. For example, if you send the following to populate multi-select columns, the commas would be removed from the tags listed:

"multiselect_tags": {

"type": "multi_select",

"multi_select":[ {

"name": "Duc Loi Market,"



"name": "Rainbow Grocery,,,"





Ultimately, the values "Duc Loi Market" and "Rainbow Grocery" would populate into the database entry. It would not cause the record to fail.

I hope this helps.


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Thanks for sharing this, @LPS ! Super helpful.