Pipedrive Mapping Issues

  • 11 January 2022
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Hi team,


I’m trying to connect Typeform with Pipedrive. 

Unfortunately, a lot of Pipedrive fields are not showing up. I’m aware that custom fields, hidden fields, dates etc won’t work but the fields that are not showing up are normal text fields. 

Also, is there a way to manually re-sync all the fields in case I added new fields in Pipedrive?




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8 replies

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Hi @Joern Welcome to the community! We currently support custom deal fields. If the fields are throughout a different part of the platform, then they won’t appear. Do you happen to know if this is the case for you? 


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Hi @Joern! Were you able to check Liz's message above? Don't forget to send us an update about that! Hoping you were able to make your integration with Pipedrive work! :pray_tone2:

Hi peopleI would like to take advantage of the topic and ask if there is any prediction for Typeform to enable the use of the date field with Pipedrive??
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@kabir.mathur do you happen to know the answer to @luispais ‘s question? :grinning:

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Hi @luispais. Unfortunately, we don’t have any plans to update the Pipedrive integration at this stage. If mapping to the data field is critical to your workflow, I’d suggest that you consider using a workflow automation tool like Zapier or Integromat to connect Typeform with Pipedrive. 

Sorry that we can’t be more helpful at this stage!

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Maybe @Michaela can help you to understand a bit better about Integromat if this is an option for you, @luispais:blush:

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Hello @luispais welcome to the community! :wave::sun_with_face:

If you’re looking for a third-party service to help out with connecting Typeform and Pipedrive and automating processes between them, Integromat sure can help. Thanks @Gabi Amaral for tagging me here, happy to jump in with some info :blush:

The pre-made Pipedrive integration on Integromat allows you to work with all sorts of fields. If, by any chance, you need to work with something outside the pre-made options, you can always get the information with our generic tools :nerd:  Well and then there’s, of course, the Typeform integration for watching new submissions (and much more). 

To give you an idea of what an automated Typeform → Pipedrive workflow on Integromat can look like, I’m gonna leave a link to this pre-made template over here.



If you’d like to check this our for yourself, you can create a free Integromat account and start exploring the possibilities :slight_smile:

when I go to do integration with pipedrive, there are options for fields that are not connected. Can someone help me?


is there any limit of fields recognized by the integration?