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  • 18 November 2021
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Hello folks! I'm working on a check-in form for a vet clinic. After people check-in (name, pets name, reason for their visit) the information populates into a Google sheet that the entire team works in. Doctors and techs check the sheet and add notes.

I desperately need a way to turn off the alert that shows up anytime we try to type in a cell. I've tested it extensively and adding text and columns does not break the integration but is incessantly annoying to the entire team. 

I don't have a screen shot of the desktop alert - but it gives the option to mute the notification for 5 minutes. The mobile version however doesn't have a mute option altogether. Please help!!



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@eepah - welcome to the community. 

if you edit the first tab of the google sheet, you run the risk of of ‘contaminating’ the integration. 

your best bet is to create a second tab and pull all the data ‘dumped’ by Typeform onto that tab, and have everyone do the edits and updates to notes etc on that tab. 

That way you keep the data integration pristine and don’t have to worry about that ‘alert’

hint: use the arrayformula() function to pull the data across to the second (or other tabs)  - column headers in the first row and then the formula in row two. 

just a thought 


Des, very much appreciate your suggestions. I tried the array function as well as the import range. While it pulls the data in seamlessly, it stops working when I edit it.

Here is some of the data we’re pulling in from our Typeform: reason for visit. If a client comes and responds “fluffy needs a vaccines.” A receptionist will then check Fluffy’s record to see what vaccines are needed. She will then edit the “reason for visit” to read “fluffy needs rabies, kennel cough, and heartworm.” And upon making changes to a cell with information brought in via array or import range - it breaks :( 


All information goes away as the formula was broken :( 

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that it will do @eepah .. i would suggest that you add a column to the ‘second tab’ next to the original where they are going to make changes - call one original and the the other updated. if there are any changes ie as in your image, they can be added to the updated cell without killing the formula. 

just a thought. 

For anyone jumping on this topic and in the same boat I am, you need to constantly be able to edit your incoming data and about to throw something if that Heads Up! pops up one more time: I found the solution! 


The entire sheet is under protection so the integration isn’t messed up. But if you know what you’re doing with your sheet and are sure you’re not going to mess it up, open up Date > Protected Sheets and Ranges and either delete the protection or just change it to the important columns/rows. 

Hope this helps!