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  • 13 October 2021
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Hello, can anyone help with a stripe integration issue? I’m trying to connect my business stripe account and when I click the ‘connect to stripe’ button it takes me straight to a window saying ‘waiting for authorisation in stripe’. I don’t have a stripe account associated with my login email so how does it know what stripe account to connect to? Should there be a login page for me to sign into the correct stripe account I wish to connect to? I have no notifications in stripe to authorise and am stuck in the ‘waiting for authorisation in stripe’ window. Can anyone help?


Best answer by Alex Dewar 13 October 2021, 16:37

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3 replies

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Hi @Alex Dewar Thanks for reaching out to Typeform! That page it’s directing you to should bring you to the Stripe login page. If it’s not, can you try clearing the cache on your browser and/or try a different browser? Thanks in advance!

Hi Liz, I managed to resolve the issue by opening up a second browser, as the first was blocking the login pop-up. Thanks!

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Oh! Well that’s an easy fix. Glad to hear that worked, @Alex Dewar !