Sync older Typeform responses to Notion

  • 7 August 2023
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I integrated my Typeform into Notion after I already received a few responses. The integration seems to have worked; i.e. new responses are being entered into the Notion database, but the older existing responses are not synced in the database. Is that normal? And is there any way I can (automatically) get the older Typeform responses into my Notion database? Or is the idea that I should have done the integration before I got responses?

Any tips appreciated!


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3 replies

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Hi @Virginie7865 While our native integration doesn’t have an option to fill past data before the integration was setup, I recently tried out Zapier’s bulk transfer option, and it was AMAZING. 

I’d recommend this to send that data over. You’d have to export the results from Typeform to something such as Google Sheets or a CSV file, but then you could set up the transfer like this: 


Thanks for the tip, I will give this a try!

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Let me know how it goes, @Virginie7865 ! It saved me a bunch of time the few times I did it.