Typeform not showing on apple devices

I wonder if anyone has experienced this issue or can help me please. I added a hidden field (user.Id) in my typeform and embedded the link into my app via a webview component. When I test it, the form shows on android devices. On Apple devices however, it just shows a blank page? Can anyone help me fix this issue as I’m blocked from further development.

Thanks 🙏🏽 


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Hi @Kirin Could you share the URL of your form so we can test this? Thanks in advance!

If it’s in an app, could you send a video? 

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Hey @Kirin are you still having issues with your typeform not showing? If you are don’t forget to share the URL so we can take a look 😊

Hi, yes im still struggling :(

Here is the link to my typeform. Im almost 100% sure that it has something to do with the hidden variable I am using to pull the user id into my back end database (ive hooked up my typeform to Xano via a webhook). 

• Typeform link:

• Webview component tag in bravo studio: 


This typeform opens absolutely fine on android devices, it's just Apple. 

Please can you tell me what the issue might be?

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Hi @Kirin Without seeing it in the app, it might be tricky to tell why it’s not showing, but @mathio do you know if there are any known common issues like this? 

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I am sorry @Liz but I dont have any experience with the tool nor did I find anything in their docs.

@Kirin does it work if you try to pass a static value to the parameter, eg. [component:web-view:]? Does the webview work when you pass any other URL with parameters?