Using Hidden Fields to pass Email from Typeform to Shopify

  • 23 November 2021
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We are using Typeform for a Product Recommendation Quiz. On the outcome page, we have a “Click here to see your personal recommendation” button that takes the user to a Shopify page on our site and makes them an offer on that product.

We are trying to track sales that happen on Shopify from leads that come from Typeform...which we have in place that looks for Shopify orders that have email addresses that match email addresses collected in Typeform. However, we are seeing that some customers are checking out on Shopify with a different email address than the email address that they used to complete the quiz which is creating a hole in our tracking system.

Our thought is, if we could pass on the email address collected on the page before the outcome page in the URL of the “Click here to see your personal recommendation”, we would be able to connect the dots with Shopify and/or Google Analytics.

I’m new to hidden fields. Can we use hidden fields in Typeform to pass that info on in the link to Shopify?


Any input on this would be greatly appreciated!


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Hello @jerky 

of course you can use both hidden fields and recall information in URLs when you redirect on completion or via endings. I think in your case you might want to use recall information in a redirect via ending.

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Hi @jerky Were you able to recall the variables on the form ending? Let us know how that went for you!


Thanks @mathio 


Yes! Recall Information was it. I am still figuring a lot of this stuff out as we, I appreciate the help.


Still trying to figure out a better tracking method for reliably tracking sales that happen in Shopify from leads that come from our Typeform. Any ideas?