Redirecting to a unique link in VideoAsk

  • 26 October 2023
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Hello team,


I had a question!

Lets say, I have contact details of 100 people that i know and i pass this contact detail in the URL of the VideoASK link so that i would know which lead is performing what action in videoask.


Now based on the contact details in the URL, i want to redirect the candidate to a specific URL - which is unique to the lead!

So every lead has different URL that is unique to the lead.

How to do this in Videoaask?

3 replies

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Hey @PlanetLIVE great question!

This should be possible, you should be able to set up a URL with a contact variable:{{contact_name}}

So each contact would get the URL meant for them.

Is that what you had in mind? 

Hey Grace, thank you for the answer but I have a different question.

I will redirect the user from VideoAsk to a page (on my website) using the “redirect URL on VideoAsk”, when they select a particular option

I want to take up this variable {{contact_name}}, and then based on  this unique identifier, i want dynamically redirect the user to a page (on my website) that is customised for {{contact_name}}

Looking forward to your response on this.


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Hi @PlanetLIVE so sorry for the delay, I missed your reply here! 

I’m not sure I understand the question, you should be able to add the contact variable to the URL and redirect it from the videoask to the webpage. Is that what you are wanting to do?