Videoask Facebook Conversion Events No Result

  • 26 October 2023
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Why aren't the conversations being recorded when the form is filled out on Facebook? The pixel is integrated. There are no events in the events column. The ad set never leaves the learning phase because the events are not triggered.


Best answer by Grace 23 November 2023, 09:25

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6 replies

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Hi @Marketing HKR Thanks for stopping by the community. Are respondents being redirected to your VideoAsk link through an ad? 

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Hey @Marketing HKR how’s it going? Would you mind sharing a bit more information on your setup so we can try to help with this?

Hey @Grace , we are planning on embedding the videoask video on our clickfunnels landing page to capture leads within the video. Traffic will be sent towards this landing page through facebook ads. As the pixel would be integrated with videoask and also the landing page, would videoask be able to send data back to FB and attribute the lead conversion event towards the respective ad?

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Hey @iwdm I’m not super familiar with Facebook Pixel, but my understanding is that you can track 4 events (as per this Help Center article) but we don’t currently support custom conversion events for Facebook Pixel.

Hopefully that helps, or perhaps another community member can help out here 😊

Yes, the event we want to track is LEAD.. it a standard event inside the Facebook pixel.. my question is… Is Videoask capable enough to send the video lead form data to Facebook so the pixel can attribute it to the specific campaign/ ad that sent the traffic and generated the LEAD event ?


If you’re unsure about this then please refer this thread to your developers. If this capability isn’t inside Videoask yet, perhaps they are working on it…



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Hi @iwdm 

When a respondent completes the contact collection form in your videoask Facebook Pixel will track the lead_generated event.

However, if you want to track the source of the lead - if you have the videoask showing in multiple places, then this wouldn’t be possible.